Case Management Services

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Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have someone who could help you with your job search?

If you’re eligible for our case management services then you will be put through an initial orientation and assessment. Case management is for clients who need additional help obtaining employment. You can access the first step of the registration process in person or through our online Preliminary Needs Assessment (PNA). The information you provide us in the PNA will help our skilled and trained teams in deciding the proper approach for you to obtain employment.

Our teams here at the Prince George Employment Services are dedicated to assisting general clients and those who are registered for case management services. Our teams can assist you by discovering new jobs leads as well as reviewing your job search methods and suggesting ways to improve your success. They will notify you of workshops, programs and job search or industry based training opportunities. They are also a huge source of information regarding other programs and services you may be eligible for.



All unemployed British Columbians who are eligible to work in B.C. can access services. To be case managed clients must:

  • Be on income assistance
  • Collecting employment insurance or EI reachback
  • On disabilities
  • Or ***

Prince George Employment Services will ensure that everyone – including immigrants, youth, Aboriginal people, Francophones, persons with disabilities and people living in rural and remote areas – has access to the same supports and services no matter where they live in the province, so they can get back to work quickly.

Anyone who is legally entitled to work in Canada can access most of the services in our office. Because our main goal is to target unemployed and under-employed workers, clients will not be considered for case management if they qualify for one or more of the following:

  • work more than 20 hours per week
  • attending school full-time
  • collecting private insurance

However; if you do not qualify for case management you are still able to access our resource hub and potential workshop programs.

Intake Services

The Intake team will give clients an initial orientation to our facility and begin going over the Preliminary Needs Assessment (PNA). Clients will sit down with a job coach who will asses their skills, needs and wants. They will provide information that helps explain if clients will be eligible for:

  • workshops
  • training
  • schooling
  • additional funding.

The intake team is trying to get to know the clients as best they can to determine the appropriate road for clients to maximize employment. Job coaches will determine such things as:

  • Finances (bills, debt, income)
  • Disabilities
  • Children
  • Interests
  • Skills/Education

Job coaches will begin to make a action plan for clients and determine if they will be case managed. Clients must complete the orientation and two assessments with the intake team before potentially moving any further in case management.

Employment Strategy Services

The ESS team is responsible for accurately pin pointing the clients exact needs for obtaining employment. Clients will have a specific job coach that will provide knowledge and assistance with all programs and workshops we offer here at Prince George Employment Services. Depending on the client, they will be placed into different pods that are design and educated for that specific client. Clients are required to:

  • complete job search verification (looking for work)
  • Bring in resume and cover letter
  • commitment to following their action plan

Job coaches will use this one-on-one time to guide and support clients in determining what barriers are holding them back, then devise an action plan that takes the proper steps towards employment.


For clients that self-disclose a disability and are requesting disability specific support or it has been observed that a disability may or does exist by our intake team, they may be eligible for certain disability programs.

The disability must not permit the client from getting regular stream employment or maintain existing employment.

Additional assessments are provided to further pin point multiple barrios the client may have. The Disability Related Employment Needs Assessment (DRENA) identifies and confirms if there are specific disability related factors impacting the Client's ability to achieve Labour Market Attachment, including any required services, supports, accommodations or other employment considerations.

Specialised Services

  • Customized employment
  • Job Development

These specialised services are designed to carve out new positions with in a job with specific abilities the client can accomplish. In addition they can create all new jobs with in a company that meets the clients attributes.

Unpaid Work Experience

Clients have the opportunity to potentially be placed with an employer in a position that would normally be paid, to gain work experience. This is advantageous for clients to build their resume with references for future employment. The duration of the work experience will be determined by the employer and the hours worked will consist will the normal working day for that position.

Supplemental Services

The SS team goes through the clients case and determines whether they will be accepted for funding. This includes:

  • certificates
  • training
  • schooling
  • equipment/supplies.

Job coaches sit down with clients and go over what the clients are asking for and if the funding is possible. All documentation and requirements are checked over and processed at this stage.


The Verification team is the last step for case managed clients. They provide the follow ups and communication after clients complete sessions with job coaches. This team will verify that all documents and funding is legitimate and maintain all records.

Job coaches will keep contact with clients for a period of time, to insure they’re keeping up with the action plan. This may include:

  • Proper grades being met
  • Clients are keeping employment
  • Hours being worked
  • Wages
  • Transportation

Contact with clients will be kept over a period of 24 weeks. After that the verification team will close the action plan. We hope all clients are successful with their new employment and keep moving forward.

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